Rules & Instructions

Time is up! The deadline for participating was on August 20th. Thank you all poster lovers for your entries. We will present the finalists in September ... these are exciting times!

Come to Sweden Publishing is arranging a travel poster contest for Sweden in the summer of 2020. The contest is open for everyone, but it's primarily targeted for professionals such as graphic designers, illustrators and artists.


All entries must be delivered no later than August 20, 2020, by file transfer.

Contest terms:

The size of the poster has to be 706 x 1006 mm. Resolution: 300 dpi.

Attach also a low resolution version of the poster (72 dpi).

The poster shall be delivered as a ready-to-print pdf or tiff file (without crop marks) in the CMYK color profile FOGRA29.

If chosen as one of the finalists the contestant has to send the same poster in layers with fonts attached in a zip file.

If chosen as one of the finalists the contestant has to send the same poster also in size 506 x 706 mm (flattened and in layers with fonts attached). The above mentioned technical specifications apply.

The poster has to be unsigned, however with a possibility to be signed later. The names of the contestants will not be disclosed to the jury.  

The poster has to have a title.

The poster should be a graphic illustration or a collage. Photographs as such are not approved.

The poster should attract travelers to come to Sweden or simply to dream of Sweden. It should have a text that can be translated to various languages or is multilingual. The word(s) SWEDEN or SWEDEN-SVERIGE must be used in the poster, but other slogans, such as ”Come to Sweden” can be used as long as  ”Sweden” and/or ”Sverige” is included.

The contestant is fully responsible for owning the copyright of his/her entry. By participating he/she therefore confirms that the artwork does not in any way infringe the copyright of anyone, and that the contestant thereby takes legal responsibility for the artwork.

Only one entry per contestant.

All contestants must agree not to share or distribute their entries in any way before September 24, 2020 when the results will be published.

The results will be published at and

The winner, the runner-up and the honorary award recipients will also be personally notified.

By entering the competition the contestant agrees to all the terms and conditions of the contest.

Contest conditions:

If Come to Sweden decides so, the company has the right (but not the obligation) to use the work of the finalist entries as a part of any future poster exhibition. No separate compensation will be paid for this right.

In case the entry is nominated as the finalist entry the contestant undertakes to adapt the artwork to other sizes, if Come to Sweden so wishes.

Come to Sweden owns the exclusive copyrights to produce printed materials (such as postcards, posters, wooden cards etc.) of any of the finalist entries. If the contestant has not been contacted by Come to Sweden within six months from the announcement of the winners (that is March 24th, 2021), the copyrights will be automatically transferred back to the contestant i.e. the artist of the poster.

If Come to Sweden chooses to produce products based on any of the final entries, a separate agreement will be made with the contestant and a royalty fee will be paid based on Come to Sweden’s standard agreement. Any such agreement must be presented to the artist on March 24th, 2021 at the latest. Any contestant can obtain a copy of the standard agreement beforehand by contacting posters(at) By participating in the My Sweden Poster contest the contestants agree that their artwork can, in case the entry is selected to the final, and if Come to Sweden so decides, be utilized in accordance with the above mentioned standard agreement.

The winner, the runner-up and the honorary award recipients are announced on September 24th, 2020.

Come to Sweden reserves the right to alter the artwork when the artwork is utilized for various products e.g. in cases the dimensions of the product differ from the dimensions of the original poster or various language versions are needed. Come to Sweden also reserves the right to edit the text/slogan or the font type in the posters (when producing reprints after the results have been announced).

A person in close relation to one or several jury members cannot participate in the contest.

Come to Sweden also has the right to use any of the finalist entries and the artworks covered by the royalty contract in its digital business. The aim is that the artist's name is mentioned whenever possible.

Please contact us if you have any questions: posters (at)

How the winners are selected

The jury will assemble after the contest deadline August 20th, 2020, to appoint the finalist entries. The jury selection is definite and cannot be appealed.

The jury consists of visual professionals and travel experts (TBA).

After the final entries are published, the general public can vote for their favorite artwork at There's only one vote per person. The organizers have the right to invalidate the votes if abuse is revealed.

By participating in the contest all contenders accept that their poster might be displayed,without compensation at public spaces so the general can vote in person.

The finalist entry receiving the most votes will be appointed a winner. The entry with the second highest amount of votes is awarded the second place. Three honorable mentions will follow in the order of decreasing number of votes.

The organizers engage to respect the result of the public vote. If any distinct malpractice in voting is noticed, the organizer is entitled to invalidate the presumed incorrect votes.

The end result of the contest and the vote is definitive and cannot be appealed.